Homepage of Yilin Yang

About me

I am a 4th year science student with a specialization in combined major of Computer Science and Statistics at University of British Columbia. Coming from a background from both computer science and statistics, I have a strong fundamental in programming as well as mathematics. My upper-level courses had a focus on machine learning, statistical learning, and AI. Which provided me with an invaluable insight to the many aspects of ML and AI that I am highly motivated to continue my studies in.

Research Interests

Coming from a Bachelor‘s degree, my interests are still broad, but here are some of directions I am interested in:

  • Statistical and Machine learning:
    • Handling of high dimensional data /large-scale Statistical and Machine learning in fields such as computer vision. Nowadays, data grow too large and complex for traditional methods and the need for developing new methods arises. I am interested both in the mathematical aspects of these problems as well as their applications.
    • Deep learning methods and their applications.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Reinforcement Learning
    • Applications on robotics such as self-driving cars.

Starting May 2022, I will be joining Parklab at UBC CS as a PhD. Track MSc. student. I will be cosupervised by Profoessor Mijung Park and Professor Xiaoxiao Li. .